ALTe Plug-In Hybrid Electric Powertrain Systems

ALTe is a global supplier of plug-in hybrid electric and battery electric vehicle powertrain systems tailored for class 1-6 trucks, delivery vans and buses to meet the needs of fleet customers. ALTe’s range extended electric vehicle powertrain systems save fuel and reduce emissions without sacrificing performance or utility. As a customer driven, purpose built organization, ALTe provides a customer drive cycle focused solution for delivery, bus, service and utility/telecom commercial vehicles. Finally, core technologies are configured to meet multiple market segment needs with OEM vehicle reliability.

Extensive 'voice of the fleet customer' interviews and market research are used to ensure customer wants and needs are an integral upfront part of the product development lifecycle for ALTe hybrid electric powertrains.

Below are specific entries under development for the global ALTe powertrain portfolio that is planned.

Ford F-Series Pickups


ALTe develops, produces and installs purpose built electric powertrain systems for Ford’s F-150 pickup truck. ALTe creates parallel-hybrid, series-hybrid and fully electric powertrains that deliver cost effective solutions for fuel usage and green house gas reduction. ALTe works with potential customers to determine the best full electric or plug-in hybrid system configuration for customer needs and drive cycles.


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Delivery Trucks and Vans

Medium sized delivery vans like the Sprinter, Ford E-Series and Ford Transit are also in the ALTe powertrain development portfolio. Step vans, such as those used by packaged delivery and service industries, would achieve signifiicant fuel reductions with an ALTe PHEV powertrain. ALTe can accommodate a number of chassis designs for build under step van bodies, such as those produced by Freightliner and Ford. A delivery truck with ALTe's hybrid electric prototype, based on a Ford E-350 chassis, has been completed and originally had 7 mpg and now with a hybrid electric powertrain gets over 18 mpg (including pure EV range).

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Transit and Touring Buses

ALTe has developed hybrid and pure electric drive powertrain solutions for urban transit and touring buses globally, including China and Korea. PHEV and EV powertrain systems are under development for buses with lengths ranging from 7 meters to 11 meters in overall length. Buses with ALTe's powertrains will reduce fuel consumption with lower greenhouse emissions. ALTe will assist you in configuring a system that meets your performance and fuel economy needs.

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